We Are A Living Wage Employer

We are proud to confirm that after our company directors attended a conference about The Living Wage, Aspire is officially a Living Wage Employer.

With so many working people across the UK still living in poverty and having to make choices between feeding their family or paying for heating, The Living Wage Foundation is aiming to promote the living wage so that anyone in employment is able to earn enough to cover the basic costs of living.

The Living Wage Employer Mark is awarded to employers who pay every one of their employees at least the basic cost of living and we have officially been awarded that mark of honour.

Janet Tuohy, our Chief Executive Office had this to say; “We are delighted to be a living wage employer in what is often an underpaid and therefore undervalued sector of Health and Social Care. It is important that our hardworking and committed staff are fairly remunerated for supporting and enhancing the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in society.”

There are still over 6 million in the UK who are on minimum wages that are not enough to survive on though. Although we are extremely proud to be doing our part to lower that figure, The Living Wage Foundation have a long way to go. As such, they are asking people to pledge their support for The Living Wage and do their part to bring wages up to a standard that people can live on.

If you would like to pledge your support The Living Wage Foundation and companies like Aspire that give their staff fairer wages, you can do so here.

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